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5 reasons why you should buy Alcacharm product from Adele Duxton

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When it comes to beauty products, many things will run through your mind. Product authenticity is the first that comes to your mind. Who will take the risk and try a product that was not display in your usual beauty store like Sephora, Watson or even Guardian?

That is why Adele Duxton is different from the rest.

1. Product sold in Adele Duxton are tested and used by the founder first before selling it our clients.

Before we can recommend the product, ,we took on the responsibility to do ample research and testing out ( we mean really test out on our face first) before selling to our clients. this is to ensure that all products that we recommend to our clients are of top quality and it really works. 

2. All our products come from authentic source. 

You may come across many other Alcacharm products in many other platforms. You may wish to see how long is the posting and whether the quality of the products are fresh. For all our Alcacharm products, we source it from a reputable manufacturer and this confirmed that the product is definitely authentic. 

3. Adele Duxton will teach you the right way to use the products. 

There are many products in the markets that you think you should use it in a certain manner. The best way a skin condition to improve, is to use quality product and also ensure that the troubled skin have the ability to absorb the nutrients as well. For 1st timers buying from Adele Duxton, we teach you how to use the products in a manner that your skin will absorb all the nutrients and benefits of the products.

4. Our products can be use with other products as well. 

I believe one of the major concerns will be can the product work well or even complements with another products. Will it create any chemical reaction? I would say that our Alcacharm products are effectively and yet mild enough to complement other products. For example, I am using Nivea Facial Toner, and Garnier Sakura Whitening serum with Alcacharm Pore Refining Serum and it works perfectly fine. Hence you can too use the Alcacharm product with a peace of mind. 

5. Share good and logic beauty advice with all our clients. 

Sharing is caring. We are more than happy to research on good beauty advices with our clients, especially new brides-to-be to look their best on their wedding day and every day.